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Month long fasting
This Community was created for the purpose of having a support group for people induring month long fasts. Here you can talk about how well your doing, if your having some ups or downs, or if you just need some support to stay strong.

Our first Month long Fast will be taking place on Nov. 9, 2007
We will have more information coming to those whos email's we have.

When you Join if you could please post:
-your email
we will get your stats via email or aim

Good Luck
Stay Strong
Think Thin

This site is a Pro Eating Disorder site. Most if not all of the people here have an eating disorder of some sort, though the majority either have Anorerxia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, or ED NOS. If your intent is to change our ways please save your breath we are very well aware of the neggativities this can cause. Please remember this is a Disease and you cant cure a disease buy telling someone to stop.